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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our practice. The items are displayed by year and month. To view older entries use the links in the box below to select the year and month you would like.

The Role of Eye Health in Early Childhood Development

This blog post explores the significant role of eye health in early childhood development, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive eye exams over school vision screenings. It discusses how vision impacts cognitive, motor, and social skills and guides parents in maintaining their child's eye health.

Protect Your Eyes: Choosing the Right Sports Eyewear

Protect your eyes during sports by choosing the right protective eyewear. Different sports require different features like impact resistance, UV protection, and a proper fit. Educate yourself and others to prevent eye injuries and enhance performance.

How Changing Seasons Affect Your Eyes Long Term

Explore essential strategies for adapting your eye care regimen as seasons change, focusing on summer's unique challenges. With practical advice from , learn how to protect against UV rays, manage allergies, and prevent dry eyes.

Women’s Eye Health: Understanding Macular Degeneration

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month, highlighting the importance of focusing on diseases like macular degeneration that disproportionately affect women. Our clinic uses the latest technology for early diagnosis and treatment, ensuring the best care for our patients' vision.

Embrace Eye Health This Spring: Save Your Vision Month & Allergy Care

Advanced Eye Care Center P.S.C. emphasizes the importance of this observance by blending it with the seasonal shift to allergy season. The blog underscores the necessity of regular eye exams for maintaining optimal vision and eye health.

How A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Protect Your Eyes From AMD

February is Macular Degeneration Awareness Month. Our local eye care team highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing and managing macular degeneration.

Understanding the Role of Diet and Nutrition in Glaucoma Prevention

Explore the vital link between diet, nutrition, and glaucoma risk during Glaucoma Awareness Month. Discover actionable tips to promote eye health and reduce the risk of this sight-threatening condition.